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in 2014 

JArarat Missionary 'Baptist Cfiurcfi 

211 Jones ScfiooCroacC 
Mount JAiry, J^ortfi CaroCina 
\ JuCy 2005 


^Ararat Missionary 'Baptist Churcfi 

XCder James Joyces Tastor of JArarat M, 'Baptist CHurcfi 



Ms tory 

Tfie TarCy years 

* -^^A/^ '^O/^A" 

i ■ -ass: 


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. < J ^ ' 



■ .■ : \ 

1 ''..;V 

'lie '^(^Sf^ps 


2 3^ - 



^ Cv^-^ ^'Wc- „_ 


H^U L^^. 

■ 7 /f- " 

^^^.^^viL^ . Gwf f^Ut^ 




5/ .6^^' d^.£^A. 

'ui--^^<^ ..-fXX ^i^c^'^'*^ ^ 

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■ C::%^<d (XvtJ- .^y<^M<i^ ^^^fL^cJy^ ^^JtJ^y-^^f 

Y% ff^ ///r, ^fc ^ . e^^y-f^^J 


'JArarat "Baptist Church 103 years of 



• Cfiurcfi TYieeting was fieCcC SaturcCay on nigfitSy' 
cfiangecCin 1908 to fiaving it cCuring the cCay. 


• Tastor Hev. y. JA. Tarks 

• Jeff Jo fins on was Ararat's mocCerator at cfiurcfi 
meetings in absence ofj)astor. 

• Cora Smitfi was cfiurcfi Secretary 

• JAsst, Secretary: Mose J\.C[recC 

1906- 1907- 1908- 1909 

• Tastors "Rev. J. C HecCman & Hev, D, C. J\dams 

• HoBert V. Moore was tfie cfinrch Secretary 

• 'Tfie r off was caCCecC ancC tfie five articCes of t fie 
constitution were read at every meeting 

• JvLemBers cCiscussecC huiCcCing a new cfiurcfi 


• 'Rev. (grinton was tfiej}astor 

• Secretary: Mose ^CCrecC 

• JAny members missing tfiree (3) cfiurcfi meetings were 
exjpeCfecCfrom cfiurcfi. 




• 'Rev, l¥. M. 3aiCe\f wcLsj?astor 

• Secretary: 'Winston JuCton 

• "The 6 o ar cC ancC members agreed t Rat men pay 15 cents 
ancCtfie 'women 10 cents to pay tfie pastor's saCary. 
Membership totaCwas 30 


• Members agreed that men wouCdpay 50 cents and 
women 25 cents to pay for a Bed for the church, 

• Church members had various fund-raisers to heCp with 
the up-keep ofJArarat Church. 

1913 -1919 

J\fo 'Records found 

• Tastor Rev, J. JA. Tarson 

• Winston JuCton, Secretary 

• Letter was sent to ad the churches in the vadey 
requesting a donation to heCp with the rebuiCding of 
Ararat Church, 

• finance Committee: J-fichman , Chairman 

• Members picked up [umber for buifding of church 

• Raid $462,25 for Cumber, doors y and windows for 

• "Brick $41,00 

• Raid $25,00 to Sheriff for dogs, 

• Rastor Rev, J. JA, Tarson 

• Secretary Winston JuCton 



• Tastor 'Rev. J. JA, Tar son 

• Secretary Winston fuCton 


• Tastor Tev. J. JA. Tarson 

• Secretary l^mston fuCton 

• Moved and 2"^ to Rave the "Odd-JeCCows" Cay the 
cornerstone for the church 


• Tastor J. Jl. Tarson 

• Secretary l^Vinston JuCton 

• Members agreed that men Bring 25 cents and women 
10 cents for the sick and needy, 

• ^Donations made $2.70 


• Tastor Tev, L. J. CarCton 

• Secretary '^Vinston JuCton 


• Tastor Tev. £. J. CarCton 

• Secretary 'Winston J'uCton 

• The hoard asks the members to pay $1.00 a month for 
Cights and insurance y each member had to pay or 
come under church discipCine. 


• Tastor Tev. L. J. CarCton 

• Secretary Truest 3-Cickman 



• Tastor Hev. L. J, CarCton 

• Secretary Truest J-tickman 


• Tastor 'Rev. J. JA, Tars on ■ 

• Secretary TearC JuCton 


• Tastor Rev. J. JA.. Tars on 

• Secretary y^inston Jufton 


• Tastor Rev. J. JA. Tar son 

• Secretary LiCCie Sawyers 

• JAsst. Secretary Rafter 'Bowman 

• Treasurer 'Dave SatterfieCcC 

• Minute money was 10 cents a 7mm6er 

• Light BiCCwas $1.00 


• Tastor Rev. J. JZl. Tars on 

• Secretary LiCCie Sawyers 

• Cfturch had a $1.00 raCCy to raise money for the ' 
huiCcCing of the church. 

^ Community CollooOtC 
jp^^ 630 South teiBl 

• TastorRev.J.JA..Tars(m BOl)8Dn,Norttl Carolina 

• Secretary LiCCie Sawyers , * .r^b-**, ..-^.^ ^ 

. TaidzS cents for oiC . UBRARY USE 0?!LY 

• Door Cock $1.50 

• Communion toweCs $2.64 



• Tastor J. JA, Tarson 

• Secretary LiCCie Sawyers 

• Cfiurcfi had deed recorded 

• Sick committee: 

Jsfcrra TEornpsoriy Qracie Dyson, Mattie Dyson, wouQd 
visit tfte RosjpitaC once a montfi an report tfte needs of the 


• Tastor J. Tarson 

• Secretary LiCCie Sawyers 

• Church was painted with Snow Light Taint 

• Church memhers heganpaying tithes 

• Church h ought Tev. Tarson a car with the tithe 
money from the memhers. 

• Tithes treasurer Dave SatterfieCd 


• Tastor J. J^. Tarson 

• Secretary LiCCie Sawyers 

• finance Secretary Tjj6ert Dyson 

• Church hoiLght Tev. Tarson a suit for $5.00 

• Church discussion aBout huying a TiBCe to stay in 

• Taid $2.30 for coaC 


• Tastor J. J^l. Tarson 

• Secretary LiCCie Sawyers 

• Jlsst. Secretary TauCine "BowCes 

• Treasurer Jasper 'BowCes 

• Church Bought a printing press 


• T aid pastor s 11.61 

• Luetesfiia JoRnson was eCectecC "motfier" of t fie cfiurcfi 

• y/aCter 'Bowman eCectecC Cfiairman of Deacon Board 

• y/ater instaCCed at cfiurcfi 

• Cfiurcfi dues 50 cents for men 25 cents for women 

• Tastor J. JA. Tarson 

• Secretary LiCCie Sawyers 

• Cfiurcfi Began work on Basement 

• Cfiurcfi andmission Cadies jpurcfiased collection y? fates 
1942 . 

• Tastor J. JA, Tarson 

• Secretary LiCCie Sawyers 

• Tas tar's saCary $15.00 a montft 


• Tastor J. jA. Tarson 

• Secretary LiCCie Sawyers 

• Cfiurcfi started t fie sick and needy fund 

• Cfiurcfi agreed to fiave cfiurcfi two (2) Sunday a 

• Taid for windows for Basement $9.27 

• Ligfit BiCCSo cents 


• Tastor J. JA. Tarson 

• Secretary LiCCie Sawyers 

• Cfiurcfi fiada raCCy to raise money tojpayfor the Brick 
and window work tfiat was done on tfie Basement. 

1945-1946- 1947 
J^o lie cords found 


• T as tor Hev. J. JA. Tar son 

• Secretary LiCCie Sawyers 

• CdiLrcfi dues $1.00 for men and 50 cents for women 

• 'BuiCdXng supipCies $47.00 

• CoaCss.oo 

• fig fits s 10.^50 

• Cfiurcfi jjaid $8,18 for a Lute (guitar) 


• Tastor Tlev. J. jzi. Tarson 

• Secretary LiCCie Sawyers 


• Tastor T£v. J. JA. Tarson 

• Secretary LiCCie Sawyers 

• Cfiurcfi and community agreedto j)ay $4.00 a year 
for maintenance of Ararat Community Cemetery 

• Cfiurcfi was jjaintedwitfi 15 gaCCons ofipaint cost 

Jsfo %e cords found 


• Tastor T^y. 1. T. Towe 

• Secretary LiCCie Sawyers Txrwe 


• Tastor nev. L T. Txnve 

• Secretary JAdce Lee Moore 

1960-1961- 1962- 1963- 1964 
!No lie cords J'ouncC 

1965: Secretary LiCCie Sawyers 

• J455t. Secretary yirginia 'Bowman. 


3^0 lie cords found 
1968-1969 . 

IDorotdy Bcnvman started a smaCCyontft cfioir witfi 
cfiiCdren in neighborhood 


• Tastor Hev. J. C Howe 

• Secretary LiCCie S. Howe 

• Tastor s saCary $45.00 


• Tastor Tev, !H, T. VaCton 

• Secretary LiCCie Howe 

• JAsst. Secretary Tdward McVanieC 


• Tastor 3-Cenry T. VaCton & 'Thomas 3-CoweCC 

• Secretary LiCCie Howe 

• JAsst. Secretary Tdward McVanieC 


• Tastor Thomas JLoweCC 

• Secretary LiCCie Howe 

• JAsst. Secretary Tdward McVanieC 


1975- 1976 

• Tastor Hev. Thomas 3-{aweCC * 

• Secretary LiCCie Howe 


• Tastor He'v.J'fiomas 3-[(yweCC 

• Secretary LiCCie Kxrwe resigned and Xv a 'Bowman 'was 
eCectecCto tfiej^osition 

• Cfiurcfi repCacecCtfie roof 

• JAcCcCecC Batfirooms to the cfiurcfi 

• ^ent on a cfiurcfi j?icnic 

• ^ad cfiurcfi J) aintecC for $175.00 


• Tastor Tev. Tfiomas J-CoweCC 

• Secretary Tva Bcnvman 

• JAsst, Secretary yirginia Bowman 

1980- 1981- 1982- 1983 

• Tastor Tev. Tdomas 3-CoweCC 

• Secretary Tva Bowman 

• JAsst. Secretary Virginia 

• Cfiurcfi fiad bencfies cusfiioned 

• Carpet donated fy tfie aduCt cfioir (1981) 

• Vacuum cCeaner donated 6y tfie Missionary CircCe 

1984- 1985 

• Tastor Tev. jRomas 3-CoweCC 

• Secretary 'Virginia Bowman 

• ^st. Secretary Veborad Bowman 


1986- 1987- 1988- 1989- 1990- 1991 

• T as tor Hev. Tfiomas J^oweCC 

• Secretary Virginia 'Bowman 

• JAsst, Secretary VeBorafi 'Bowman 

• J'lnance 'Treasurer Lee "Roy Bowman 

• BuiCcCing JuncC Treasurer CCint Carter 

• JAsst. BuiCcCing Jund Treasurer TcCwarcC McVanieC 

• Cfaircfi jpurcfiased guttering 

• Turc Has ecC c Hairs for dining room 

1992- 1993- 1994- 1995- 1996 

• T as tor He-v. Tfiomas J-foweCC 

• Secretary Virginia Bowman 

• JAsst. Secretary 'DeBorafi Bowman 

• J^inance Secretary Jesse Tatton 

• Sick Jund Jay e Carter 

• CHurcfi annexedinto tfie city Cimits 

• "Received a Coanfrom Bank to remodeC church 

• BuiCt handicap ramp 

• QrayeCed driyeway 

• InstaCCed Mr-Conditioner 


• Secretary 'Dehorah Bowman 

1997-1998 ■ ' 

• Rev, Thomas 3-[oweCC resigned 

• Rey, James Barber was eCected 

• Secretary Dehor ah Bowman 

• JAsst, 'yirginia Bowman & Jesse Rattan 

• Church constitution was written 6y R£V. James 

• R£.y. Barher started pray er meeting an Wednesday 

• Cfiurcfi damaged from furnace maCfunction, repainted 

• Jesse Tatton organized tfie remodeCing of t fie as tor's 


• Tastor 'Re-v. James 'Barker 

• Secretary Deborah "Bowman 

• Jlsst. Secretary yirginia Bcnvman & Jesse Tatton 

• Cfiurcfi Constitution voted into Caw 

• Barbara Lanier donated fiymnaC ho Cders to the church 

• Church purchased a new T. JA. system 

• Trustee's Board elected: C. J. Carter, 'Edward 
McVanieCy James J-LeCton, & Linzey Bowman 

• Tur chase a new refrigerator, stove, water heater 

• "Remode fed rest rooms 

• Turchased new JjymnaCs and Bibles 

• Jfad the Sunday SchooC Convention (2000) 

• 'Purchased new furnace 

• "Reorganized 'Usher Board (\icki Mc'Daniei, 

• Jinancuif Secretary Barbara Joyce (2001) 

• Jlsst. JinancuiC Secretary \afarie IMc'DameC (2001) 

• Church loaned the iMount JAiry iMuseum the iron desk 
we had in the cCassroom for exhibit (2002) came from 
oCd Jones SchooC. 


• Tastor TCder James Joyce 

• Secretary Deborah Bowman 

• Jreder Joyce organized a young JAduCt/youth Choir 

• Turchased new j) added chairs for the choir Coft 

• Jesse Tatton started the Tastor's JAuC Organization 


"Tastors from 1Q02 to 200^" 

'Rev. J. C RecCman 
Rev. Qrinton 
Rev. J. JA. Tarson 
Rev. J. !}{. Tarson 
Rev. L. J. Car [ton 
Rev. yv. M. 'BaiCey 
Rev. I. T. Rowe 
Rev. J. C. Rowe 
Rev. Menry T. VaCton 
Rev. "Tfiomas 3{oweCC 
Rev. James "Barber 
Rev. T>. C. JAcCams 
XCcCer James Joyce 

'Deacons from 1Q02 -200'=; 

Jasper RowCes 
Tercy l/VfdtCock 
T>ave SatterfieCd 
yVaCter Rowman 
Robert T>yson 
Lee Roy Rowmun 
Jesse Dyson 

IViCCie Bowman 

Roy Bowman 
CCint Carter Jr. 
CCint Carter Sr. 
yVeOfon Joyce 

Jeffrey Jofinson 
Jesse Dyson 

''J^fe-w of The 
TeorpCe IVfio !hfave 'Been JA. 
Tart Of 

JArarat Missionary 
Baptist Cfiurcfi" 

J^dams, Irica 
AcQzms, Jantayza 
BaiCey. llev. 1y. M. 
Barber, 'Rev. James 
BarBer, JArCena 
Barber, 'Tiffany 
BowCes, QCenn 
BcnvCes, Jasjper 
BcnvCes, Jackie 
BowCes, Josepfiine 
BowCes, TauCina 
BowCes, Teggy 
BowCes, BoBert 
Bowman, JAaron 
Bowman, JACCen 
Bowman, JACvis Lee 
Bowman, Jinn 
Bowman, Bennie 
Bowman, Bonnie, 
Bowman, CRarCie 
Bowman, CCaudCe 
Bowman, CCaucCette 
Bowman, T>anieC 
Bowman, Ve 6 or aft 
Bowman, VorotRy 
Bowman, Bva 
Bowman, jCoycC 
Bowman, Qary 
Bowman, Qene-ve 
Bowman, lantfiia 
Bowman, Juanita 
Bowman, Larry 
Bowman, Lee Boy 
Bowman, Linda 

Bowman, Linzy Qray 
Bowman, Linzy Jr. 
Bowman, MicfiaeC 
Bowman, Bx)cfieCCe 
Bowman, Boy 
Bowman, Tia 
Bowman, Tiffanie 
Bowman, Virginia 
Bowman, y/aCter 
Bunker, CRester 
CarCton, L. J. 
CarCton, BooseveCt 

Carter, CCint 
Carter, CCint Jr. 
Carter, J aye 
Carter, ^eCma 
Ceasar, VorotRy M. 
Ceasar, jCeCen 
Ceasar, J^icoCe 
CCark, Izetta 
CCark, LindJBurg 
CCark, VoretRa 
Conrad, Louise 
Conrad, Bat 
Crawford, SAfonzo 
CunningRam, Mrs. 
VaCton, Bev. J-Cenry 
VaCton, Mrs. 3-Cenry 
Va-vis, fCora 
Va-vis, JCaCCie 
Davis, MarsRa JAnn 
ID avis, O^ettie 
J) avis. Bam 
Davis, BMyCand 

Davis, Hosie 
Vavis, y/aCter 
VoBson, Mary Catherine 
Dyson, Jesse 
Dyson, 'BiCC 
Dyson Jr, HoBert 
Dyson, "BucC 
Dyson, Qracie 
Dyson, Mattie 
Dyson, ToCCy S\nna 
Dyson, lloBert 
Dyson, 'Rosa 
J^erguson, J\nna 
Jerguson, Cfiris 
Jerguson, Jim 
Jergvson, LoCene 
J'erguson, Margaret 
Jerguson, 'RoBert 
J'erguson, 'Wefdbn 
Jorrest, XdcC 
JrankCin, DavicC 
JrankCin, 'Betty 
JrankCin, XeisHa 
fuCton, BarBara 
fuCton, Qamett 
fuCton, Qeorge 
JuCton, Joe Louis 
JuCton, Minnie 
(gaCCaway, DonaCcC 
(gaCCo^way, XcCwarcC 
(gaCCoway, Jrancis 
(gaCCo-way, Jose_pfi 
QaCCo-way, Levi 
QaCCaway, Lois 
(gaCCo'way, MartBa 
QaCCaway, MeCvin 
QaCOyway, ReBecca 
(gaCCaway, RonaCcC 

QaCCo'way, RauC 
(grant, Xierra 
(green, J\.[exancCer 
(green, JK.[ice Lee 
(green, (george 

(green, Joe 
(green, SBirCey 
(green, 'TisBa BeCCe 
Qrinton, Rev. 
(^wyn, MeCBa 
J-Cairston, JLowarcC 
3-{atcher, Maggie 
J-Catcder, Marie 
J-feCton, Catherine 
jLeCton, Jrances 
jLeCton, James 
J-feCton, Mary 
J-CeCton, Annette 
J-Cickman, Lamest 

J-CoweCC, Stewart 
J{ughes, Cora ReCCe 
J-CaweCC, Rev. Thomas 
J-CoweCf, Margaret 
Johnson, Margaret 
Johnson, JACBert 
Johnson, frecC 
Johnson, Johnny 
Johnson, Laura Sue 
Johnson, Marie 
Joyce, Bar Bar a 
Joyce, CharCene 
Joyce, Christy 
Joyce, DarreCC 
Joyce, iCder James 
Joyce, Tssie 
Joyce, frecCa 
Joyce, JiCC 
Joyce, Luther 
Joyce, Madison 

Jovce. OcCs-sscL 

Tlnfjpyf^: A myi T 

-*VCL/C/ Ljy .J-VUf LL 

I\XjWii.y J\Ev. I. 1 . 

Coo fZ'V/^r'iD 

JyJJvvS, s\£.v. J, L. 

'Tk /y^A/ o 1 1 1 1 1 /y //I've 
I\AJWii.y J^lLLia jCLW\jQrS 

"T^Af^r^ ny^f^py ^ffyprfn 

n^rr\.U£> a^/ T 'P 
xvt/We;, xvti V. 2. 1 . 

"JvlcCCoucC G&.TtTiicCs. 

Hcnvp TIp-v ^irrip 

Jvlc'DcLTiieC T.dhvcLTcC 

^aftprfipCcf ^^-vp 

l^cUcLTiip.C ^ic^i 

^a'V\/\tpy'\ Ttf\pC IsAnp 

1\/\cfn'V\jfp'Y' T^PYyic^ 

^n'WJ'\j py<! r P'\/i 
JUL w \/j r i,tiKt. 

JvLL J if W m r , J\.iillUii-lL\j 


J I rTL tnUTlb y wTrlCLr 

'TV// 'TVn */ lo y \/pyyi n 

Jy\.L. j{JvV\,c,ly r ti- r iLLt 

O LfrLrriU iLby J d r r U 

l^lrl^fpif T)ay\ipr 

^lyviyvinytQ xZ/iinyio 

OLliLllLUlL^y V (A,Ha,I lie. 

"MiCCs JCatfiCesn 

^rYiitfi CCara f 

Ivi iryi <s 'A CCtfiP cl 

Oa^Cev T M 

^TYiitfi Da'vicC 

T'd'^iCny difvY) py 

T^finryiyj^nr) 'Affnrtyn 

'PcLttOTi Tssse 

'TfiOTYivson JACisfia 

nn nyyi yT\ nyi Ayyipll 

X I LW 1 1 uLy J W 1 Ly # tC. LL 

T^fioTYivsorL GfiarCie. 


'TpLOTYivson Curtis 

2 1 L\y f f LL/^ L/ f Vy ^ xA^t tC- C 

l^PYIYI Tp/itip ftp 

^ f LW 1 I LL/^ W f Uy ^ VI 1 Ut f V yt 

'VpYITt ^MuuVPu 

^ 1 L 1 Ly U ^ L VlfiAfl C- i/V 

n^f\ nyY}Y)^(yy\ To fin T) 

2 f VkJ 1 1 VL/J W f Vy \J 1 V 1 V • 

'TfioTYivson 3CatfiCe.e.n 


M l/V-m^ \y 1 Vy if* Iri/Vi/^ 

'TfioTYivson Lisa 


T^fiorvivsorL. Mic^sv 

'Unrfrfiff IVtatifrfn 

2 I L\J 1 T LL/J \J f Vy *J y Ky 1 l/V 

S\'<AA/IA^LLf jy IjiyLl L/uVi Idf 

JL I LL/ f t VLyJ Ky l Ly x Vi/t vj I f LKy 1 Vi/V 

^/ITI ^ffpTTl HTI ^ fiCP 

T^fioTYiv s on 'Re.atfis.rrL 

XXMff LlAfLC- f f LL/Li Ly x Vc- 1/ / LUV 

Hn nyyi y)<! nyi "TliinPrt 

J, 1 Liy f 1 LL/ ^ W f Ly /. Ly C- 1 b 

' 1 YlulTipburiy VYlLLlCLrrL [JjllLU/ 

i<jA.vvi(i\j, jyLCLry jvl. 

V OLLti rLL LrLti, JVLOLr W 

HecCman, He'v. J.C. 

yvfiitCocky J\.CtfLea 

lieicC IcCa 

flit Cocky CCara BeCCe 

HeynoCds, "Barbara 

y^fiitCocky 'ErCine 

yvditCock, Jean 
^fiitCock, Tercy 
yv flit Cock, Maxim 
yvfiitCock, y'irginia 
yvfiitCock, y^acCe 



Tfie Tresent 

Ckurch Covenant 

J-Ca-ving 6een CecC, as we BeCieve, By the spirit of god to receive the 
£orcf Jesus Cfirist as our Saviour: ancfon the jjrofession of our faith, 
having been baptized in the name of the Jather, and of the Son, and of 
the J-foCy spirit, we do now in the presence of Qod, angeCs and this 
assenihCy, most soCemnCy andjoy fidCy enter into covenant with one 
another, as one Body in Christ. 

y/e engage, therefore, 6y the aid of the JjoCy Spirit, to waCk 
together in Christian Cove: to strive for the advancement of this church in 
knowCedge and hoCiness: to give it aj)Cace in our affections, prayers ad 
services ahove every organization of human origin: to sustain its 
worship, ordinances, discipCine and doctrine: to contrihute cheerfidCy and 
regtdarCy, as Qod has prospered its, towards it expenses for the sippart of 
a fait hf id and evangeCicaC ministry among us, the reCief of thepoor and 
the spread of the (gospeC throughout the worCd In case of difference of 
opinion in the church, we wiCC strive to avoid a contentious spirit, and if 
we cannot unanimousCy agree, we wiCC cheerfidCy recognize the right of 
the majority to govern. 

y^e aCso engage to maintain famiCy and secret devotion; to study 
diCigentCy the word of Qod, to reCigiousCy educate our chiCdren; to seek the 
saCvation of our kindred and acquaintance; to waCk circumspectCy in the 
worCd; to he king andpist to those in our empCoy, and fait hf id in the 
service we promise others; endeavoring in the purity of heart and good 
wiCC towards aCCmen to exempCify and commend our hoCy faith. 

yVe further engage to watch over, to pray for, to exhort and stir up 
each other unto every good word and war k; to guard each other's 
reputation, not needCessCy exposing the infirmities of others; to 
participate in each other's joys, and with tender sympathy hear one 
another's burdens and sorrows; to cuCtivate Christian courtesy; to he sCow 
to give or take offense, hut aCways ready far reconciCiation, being mvndfuC 
of the rides of the Saviour in the eighteen chapter of Matthew, to secure 
it without deCay: and through Cife, amid eviC report, and good repart, to 
seek to Cive to the gCary of Qod, who hath cadedus out of darkness into h is 
marveCous Cight. 

y/hen we remove from this pCace, we engage as soon as possibCe to 
unite with some other church where we ca?i carry out the spirit oj this 
covenant and the principCes of Qods word. 



Ararat Missionary Baptist Church 



The name of this church shall be the Ararat Missionary Baptist Church 



The purpose of this congregation is to give visible form to the faith and 
fellowship to which God has given His people. We acknowledge ourselves 
to be local manifestation to the universal church through which Jesus Christ 
continues to minister to the world by his Holy Spirit. We shall endeavor to 
fulfill this calling through corporate worship service. Through a program 
Christian nurture by which our members may be built up in their faith and 
love, through proclamation of the gospel by work and deed and through 
ministering to human needs in the name of Jesus Christ. 



SECTION 1 : The government of this body is the members who 
compose it and as such subject to the control of no other governing power, 
also none of its board of committees usurp its executive governmental or 
policy making power. 

SECTION 2: It shall maintain affiliation and co-operation with the 
Yadkin Valley Missionary Baptist Association, and the General Baptist State 

SECTION 3 : It shall not support any local, state, or National Baptist 
Organization that does not accept the Bible as its authoritative basis for its 
doctrine and practice. 



This body accepts the King James Version of the scripture of the Old and 
New Testaments as the inspired Word of God and as the authoritative basis 
for Its doctrine and practice. 





Persons may be received into membership, by any of the following methods 
subject in each case to the voice of the church. 

By Baptism: A person who confesses Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior 
adopts substantially the views and principles of this church and is Baptized 
by immersion may be received into fellowship of the church. 

By Letter: A person who is substantial accord with the views of faith and 
the principles of this church may be received by letter from other Baptist 

By Experience: A believer of worthy character who has formerly been a 
member of Christian church but who for a sufficient reason cannot present a 
letter from that church. But is in substantial accord with the views of faith 
and principles of this church may be received upon statement of experience. 

By Restoration: A person who has lost membership upon meeting the 
conditions set forth in the general epistle of James 5:16 

By Watch Care: A person who is a member of another Christian church 
but sojourning in this community for a brief period of time may fellowship 
with this church. Students may fellowship under watch care while they are 
in a local institution of learning. All requests for admission to church 
membership shall be presented in the form of recommendation to the church 
for their consideration. 


BY LETTER: Any member in good standing who deserves a letter of 
dismissal and recommendation to any other Baptist church may receive it 
upon his or her request and upon the recommendation of the Board of 
Deacons and the vote of the Church. 




SECTION 1 . The pastor shall preach the gospel, administer the ordinances, 
watch over the membership have charge of the spiritual welfare of the 
congregation and the stated services of public worship. The pastor shall be 
an ex-officio member of all boards and committees of the church and its 
auxiliary organizations. The pastor shall be in the church except when good 
taste dictates otherwise. 

SECTION 2. When it is necessary to call a pastor, the church shall 
request the deacons to take necessary steps to secure a pastor. The deacons 
shall investigate the merits of very candidate under consideration in regard 
to personal character, education, ministerial record and preaching ability in 
determining his fitness for said pastor. Wlien a suitable candidate is found, 
the deacons shall recommend that person to the church for consideration. 

SECTION 3: The call of a pastor shall come before the church at a 
regular or a called business meetmg. Notice of such meeting and its purpose 
having been read from the pulpit on two consecutive Sundays. A vote of two 
thirds (2/3) of the members present and qualified to vote shall be necessary 
to extend a call. Only one candidate shall be presented to the church at any - 
one regular meeting. The vote shall be by acclamation. 

SECTION 4: The pastor shall be called for an indefinite period of time. 
The salary shall be fixed at the time of the call and may be changed by the 
vote of the church at any regular business meeting, provided that the deacons 
have considered such a change. The salary shall be paid monthly or at the 
discretion of the pastor and the church. The pastor shall be given an annual 
vacation as the church agrees. 

SECTION 5: A pastor's term of office may be ended upon 90 days of 
notification on the part of the pastor of the church by mutual consent. 
Termination of the office shall be voted on at a regularly called business 
meeting. A vote of a majority of the members present and qualified to vote 
shall make a valid termination of said office. 


SECTION 6: A pastors term of office may be terminated without the 
90 day notification clause if he asked to resign due to confirmation of 
serious violations of Christian conduct both personally and professionally. 
Termmation of the office shall be voted on after such meeting and its 
purpose having been read from the floor on he proceeding Sunday. A vote of 
a majority of the members present and quahfied to vote shall make a valid 
termination of said office. 


The elected officer of this church shall be: 


Pastor's duties are set forth in Article VI, Section 1 

A clerk shall be elected at an annual meeting. The clerk shall keep a 
complete record of the transaction of all business meetings. The clerk shall 
keep a record of the names and addresses of the members, with dates and 
manner of admission and termination, also a record of baptisms and a list of 
those suspended. The clerk shall notify all officers, committees members 
and delegate if his or her election and appointment. The clerk shall issue a 
letter of termination and recommendation voted by the church, and keep on 
file all communications and written reports. They shall give legal notice of 
all meetings where such is required by this constitution. The clerk shall 
deliver mimediately to his or her successor all books and record for which 
they are been responsible for. 


There shall be one (1) assistant clerk elected to serve in the absence of the 
clerk or to assist with such matters. 


Shall be elected at the annual meeting to serve at the discretion of the 
church. The financial secretary shall keep records of the fimds of the church 
and all deposits made in the name of the church. All checks drawn by the 
financial secretary shall be in the name of the church. 

1 . The financial secretary shall keep separate accounts of all funds 
raise by or contributed for particular purposes. The financial secretary except 


for the purpose for which they are raised shall disburse no funds or 
contributed, without consent form the church. 

2. The financial secretary shall submit to the church an itemized record 
receipts and disbursements, showmg the actual financial condition of 
the church at each monthly meeting, upon receipt of this report, the 
church will approve the report. 

3. The financial secretary will be audited at least one a year by a 
committee from the church. 


1 . The treasurer shall receive all money belonging to the church. 

2. The treasurer will be elected at an annual meeting to serve at the 
discretion of the church. 

3. The treasurer within 48 hours of regular Sunday service shall 
deposit the money received in a bank selected by the church. 

4. The treasure shall submit to the church upon request, information 
as to the condition of the treasury. 

5 . A committee from the church will audit the treasurer at least once a 

6. The treasurer shall keep a summary of the financial standing of the 
church. A budget committee at the discretion of the church will be 
selected to lie out a financial plan for the fiscal year, which is to be 
approved by the church. 




There shall be a board of deacons, they shall be ordained to their work 
according to Acts 6T-8 and Timothy 3: 8-13 

The office may be filled upon recommendation from the Pastor and Deacons 
of the church. This recommendation is to be read on Sunday prior to the 
monthly church conference. At the church conference, the body may submit 
recommendations . 

The person must be placed on trail according to Timothy 3:12. The 
trial period will be in length as it pleases the church. At the end of this 


period and upon recommendations to the church the candidate or candidates 
shall be ordained. 

Any member who feels that a candidate is not suited for the office 
must inform the Pastor and Deacon Board. The pastor will give instructions 
on how to deal with this mater. Deacons shall hold office as long as they 
shall faithfully discharge their duties. Any deacon who fails to perform the 
duties of his office faithfiilly will be subjected to the discipline of the 
church. The church may for good and sufficient causes remove any deacon 
from office. 

The Pastor and the Deacons shall choose a chairman who shall meet 
regularly as necessary. 

The chairman who shall notify other board members with the pastor's 
consent may call special meetings. 

Deacons will be responsible for the following duties: 

1 . To administer to the sick and needy members. 

2. To assist the Minister, not to direct him and watch him. 

3 . They are to advise and counsel with the Minister in the 
interest of the church. But not to feel that the Minister who 
is called by God must be led by the opinion of a Deacon 
Board or nay other board. 

4. Deacons are the watchful guardians of the purity and good 
order of the church, striving to maintain a healthful tone of 
piety and Christian activity in the body. 

5. The deacons will assist in the administering of the Lord's 
Supper, and the Baptizing. 

6. In the absence of a pastor it is the duty of the deacons to 
conduct devotional meetings, provide for the supply of the 
pulpit, and to administer affairs of the pulpit and church. 

7. The deacons with the pastor shall determine use of the 
church building for extra and secular purposes. 


SECTION 2: DEACONESS (wives of the deacons ) 

The Deaconess shall assist the pastor in developing the spiritual life of the 

women and girls of the church for the best possible Christian service. They 

shall cooperate with the pastor and the deacons in visiting the members: In 

care of the sick, needy, and distressed members of the church and in the 

preparation of the Ordinances of the church. 

SECTION: 3 trustees (as the church sees necessary) 

There shall be a board of at least three (3) one whom shall be the church 
treasurer be elected at a church conference or at a called meeting as the 
church sees fit. The board shall hold in trust all property belonging to the 
church and shall take all necessary measures for its protection, management 
and upkeep. It shall have no power to buy, mortgage, lease, or transfer any 
■property without specific vote of the church authorizing such action. 


There shall be a finance committee made up of two (2) members. This 
committee consists of the financial secretary and treasurer signs all checks 
approved by the church. There shall be one central treasure of which the 
finance committee shall have oversight. 

SECTION: 1 Licensing 

The man desiring to enter the gospel ministry shall be licensed in according 
with 1'^ Timothy 3: 1-7 and Titus 1. 

This man shall be ordained by the request of Ararat Missionary Baptist 
Church, the church desiring him as a pastor or as the scope of his ministry 
demands him to be ordained. 




Election of duties each year shall be held at church conference of the New 
Year, which shall be on Saturday before the third (3^^^) Sunday in July unless 
otherwise designated. 


On all matters. Members must be in good standing are entitled to vote. 


The pastor and deacons shall present to the church the names of the persons 
for each office to be filled. 


Vacancy occurring during the year may be filled for the unexpired term at 
the church conference. 



Public services shall be on the 1^ 2"^ y\ and 4^'^ Sundays m each month 
and Church Sunday school and BTU shall meet at times fixed by the church 
and approved in Regular church conference. 

The Lord's Supper shall be celebrated three (3) times a year and at such 
other times as the church may determine. 

Occasional religious meetings may be scheduled by the pastor or by the vote 
of the church. 

Church conference may be called at anytime by the pastor. Notice of 
such meetings and the object for which it is called shall be given on the 
Sunday proceeding the date of the meeting. 

At any of the regular meetings of worship, the church may without 
notice act upon the reception of members and upon the appointment of 
delegates to councils, associations and conventions, but not upon 
extraordinary business. 

-church conference shall be held on Saturday before the third (3^^^) 
Sunday in each month unless designated otherwise. 

The fiscal year of the church shall be from July to July 


SECTION: 1 The Hiscox Directory is the book on which our church 

SECTION: 2 The rules contained in Roberts Rules of Order shall 
govern the business proceedings of this church in all cases where they are 
not inconsistent with the constitution. 


This constitution may be amended after a s 

six month study by a committee appointed by the pastor at any regular or 
called business meeting of the church by two-third (2/3) vote of the 

"^Ararat Missionary 'Baptist Cfiurcfi Organizations 

& MemBers 

Tastor & IVife 

TCder James & frecCa Joyce 


Hoy "Bowman 
CCint Carter Sr. 
CCint Carter Jr. 

Cfiurcfi Officers 

TCcCer James Joyce, Tastor 
Jesse Tat ton 
Barbara Joyce 
T>e6orafL Bowman 
yaCarie Simmons 

Trogram Committee 

Jesse Tatton, Tresident 
CHristy Joyce 
TcCward McVanieC 
T>ef)orafi Bowman 

lAsher 'Board 

ytcki Mc'DanieQ TresicCent 
TdwarcfMcVanie C 
yaCarie Simmons 
'DeBorafi 'Bowman 
Jaye Carter 

J^icoCe Ceasar 
Madison Joyce 
JArryawn Joyce 
Omar Sim mons 
yiosfia Simmons 

Troject Committee 

yaCarie Simmons, 'President 
ytcki McVanieC 
'De6orafi Bowman 
'MicoCe Ceasar 

yiosRa Simmons s 
Madison Joyce 
JArryawn Joyce 

Missionary CircCe 

Marie Jofrnson, Tresident 
Cfint Carter 
freda Joyce 
Barbara Joyce 
'Essie Joyce 

Senior Cfioir 

Tva Bowman 
XatfiCeen MiCCs 
Jdye Carter 

J\.Cice Lee Moore, TresicCent 
LycCia Lee Moore 
Jaye Carter 
Betty Lou BMwCey 

'freda Joyce 
TcCwarcC M c 'Da nieC 
CCint Carter Jr. 

Voutfi & Voung ^cCuCt Cfioir 

frecCa Joyce, Tresident T)e6orafi 'Bowman 

JiCC Joyce CHristy Joyce 

David Smit ft Madison Joyce 

JCimBerCy McfowCer Omar Simmons 

!NicoCe Ceasar ^iosfta Simmons 

JArryawn Joyce 

Sunday ScfiooC Officers 

CCint Carter Jr, Superintendent 
Hoy Bowman ^st, Siiperintendent 
Jesse Tatton 
"Deborah Bowman 
Jreda Joyce 
yicki McDanieC 

Tastor's JAid 

Jesse Tatton, Tresident 
Tdward McDanieC 
yicki McDanieC 
Deborah Bowman 

Senior Members 

Marie Johnson Tssie Joyce 

CCint Carter Mary Jarvis 

Odesssa Joyce JArneCC "Thompson 

XathCeen MiCCs 

"^Ararat Missionary "Baptist Cfaircfi 
lis Her "Board" 

"The Visker BoarcCwas organized in 1971 under the 
guidance of "Rev, 3-[, T, T>aCton, Sis, LiCCie JuCton "Rowe 
and Sis, J'aye J-Cines Carter organized t He group. Other 
memhers of the ckurcfi aCso joined t fie llsfier Board: 
Sis, Jisfia BeCCe Qreen, Sis, SfiirCey Qreen Terkins, Bro, 
"Edward McDanieCy Sis, JCatfiCeen MiCCs, 
Bro, CCint (CJ) Carter Jr, Bro, Jim JFerguson and Bro, 
Lindsey Bowman, 

JKfter the passing of Sis, LiCCie JuCton and Sis, Tisha 
BeCC Qreen the remaining members of the Usher Board 
served fait hfidCy for 27 years, "The "Usher Board aCways 
strivedto do the hestjohpossihCe, as the "Doorkeepers of 
the house of the Lord, "They were aCways excited to meet 
and greet churchgoers andweCcome them into the 
house of the Lord, IVe were aCways invited to other 
churches and asked to usher on various occasions. 

In 1998 the current "Usher Board was eCectedy under the 
Ceadership of "Rev. James Bar her. Sis. 'Vickie Mc"DanieC 
was eCectedto head the Board. Other memhers that 
agreed to heCp were Sis. VaCarie Simmons y Bro, "Edward 
McDanieCy Sis, Vioshia Simmons^ Sis, J^icoCe Ceasar, Sis, 
Madison Joyce, Sis. Vehorah Bowman and CittCe Omar 
Simmons. The memhers strive every Sunday to weCcome 
everyone into the house of the Lord, 

''Td had rather he a doorkeeper in the house of my (god, 
than to dweCCin the tents of wickedness." 

TsaCms 84:10 

Ararat Missionary Baptist Missionary Circle 

In 1929 a Christian endowed lady by the name of Ms. Vena Bowman saw a need to 
organize a Mission Circle. The Mission Circle would have a spiritual, warm hearted, and 
helpful fellowship, to reach out and aid in meeting the needs of the sick and less fortunate 
in and around the community, as well as our church family. The Mission would use the 
Bible as a guide in discussing Gods word. Ms. Vena wanted others to know that through 
Christ all things are possible. 

When the Mission Circle was first organized it was called the Ladies Aide. Under 
the direction and leadership of Ms. Vena, it remained the Ladies Aide for ten years. In 
1939, the name was changed to Ararat Missionary AuxiUary, affiUated with the Home and 
Foreign Missionary Auxiliary of the Yadkin Valley Missionary of the Yadkin Valley 
Missionary Baptist Association. 

The Ladies Aide met in the homes of each individual, had spiritual meetings, and 

The Bible. The Officers at that time were: President: Sis. Vena Bowman, Secretary: Sis. 
LuAnn Thompson, Treasurer: Sis. Nora Thompson, Sick Committee: Sis. Gracie Dyson, 
Sis. Tish Johnson, and Sis. Mattie Dyson. Other members of the Ladies Aide at that time 
were: Sis Lillie France, Sis MoUie Travis, Sis Ethel Bowman, Sis Husie letters, Sis Anna 
Ferguson, Sis DeUa Gallloway, Sis MoUie Saterfield, Sis Myrtle Rogers, Sis Josephine 
Galloway, Sis Rena Cloud, Sis Daisy Hickmon, Sis Peggy Long, Sis Ella Spencer, Sis Lula 
Clark, Sis Annie Penn, Sis Ida Reid, Sis Lou Allred, Sis Lydia Green, Sis Pauline Bowles, 
and Sis Lucy Ceasar. There were also members of the Ladies Aide who were men, who 
had an interest in the Mission and attended faithfully: Bro. Bud Dyson, Bro. Jasper 
Bowles and Bro. John Travis. 

The members of the Ladies Aide visited the sick and needy as far away as Ararat 
Virginia, Willis Gap, Chestnut Ridges, Dobson, and Payne Town as well. They knew they 
had a mission to do, and though the road was sometime hard, they knew that through 
God's guidance, no task was too hard. 

In later years other members of the Mission were: Sis Dorothy Bowman, Sis 
Virginia Whitlock, Sis Cora Bell Hughes, Sis Rosie Dyson, Sis Dorothy Mae Ceasar, Sis 
Tish Bell Green, Sis Shirley Green, Sis Margaret Ratcliff, Sis Martha Fulton, Sis Frosty 
McDaniel, Sis LiUian Murphy, Sis Faye Carter, Sis Mary Galloway, Sis Kathleen 
Thompson Mills, Bro. Jesse Dyson, Sis Belle Carter, Bro CUnton Carter, Sr. 

At the present time our members are: Sis Marie Johnson, Sis Kathleen Thompson 
Mills, Sis Belle Green Carter, Sis Barbara Ratcliff Joyce, Sis Faye Hines Carter, Sis Eva 
Penn Bowman, Sis Essie Satterfield Joyce, Sis Fredie McCarther Joyce, and Bro CUnton 
Carter, Sr. 

We, the Ararat Missionary Circle AuxiUary, are striving to continue the legacy of 
our fore fathers, striving daily in our task, desiring to stimulate a mission spirit of 
humbleness, through the grace of God in caring out the purpose of missionaries at home 
and in foreign lands. We as Christian soldiers are trying to continue the march of the older 
patriot's, and are hoping that the job we are doing wiU have been a worthy cause in the 
journey's end. 

TCcCer James Joy ccy Tastor 

"ECder & Mrs, James Joyce 

3l6v. J-Cenry T, 'DaCton 

Hev. Tfiomas & Margaret J-CoweCC 

yViCCie 'Bowman famiCy 

:NG of 1926-The forerunner of the present McCloud, standing beside her sister in the second r* 

id of 71 students, 3 teachers and a 4-room are wearing identical dresses. Miss Jessup, a teachei 

Bumey and the teachers Miss Young and McCloud's right shoulder. Mr. and Mrs. McCloud, Vi 

own here. Owners of the photo are Ernest D.C., visited his mother, Mrs. Gracie Dyson, on Wan 

I on ground, and Mrs. Gertrude Bowman Cliristmas holidays. 

1925 Ararat CoCorecC ScfiooC 

Tssie SatterfieCcC Joyce QCenn Joyce 




"As for me and my house, we will 
serve the Lord!" 

In Memory of 
Mrs, Tatti J. Spencer 

Mrs, Spencer was a Coving friencCto aCC Sfie was a 
Bigjpart of our Cfiurcfi an(f Community , Sfie fieCpecC 
every famiCxf ancC cfiurcfi in tfie Surry County area. 

Omar Simmons 

Johnny Joyce James & LiCCie J-CeCton 

yiosfia Simmons 

yaCarie Simmons 

JCimherCy McJowCer CfiarCene Joyce 

Madison Joyce 

Cfiristy Joyce 

"Brian, JAvery, CfieCsea Carter 

T>r, Leo & JAngeCa Carter 

"BiCCy, Janet y Susan, TcCna, & John 'Tfiompson 

'Robert, ^Cmarie, 'Betty y & Xeisfia JrankCin, & JArneCC Thompson 

Jennie Ceasar 'Bowman 

Ida QreenwoocCHeicC 

Hoy 'Bowman 

VeBorafi Bowman 

Jesse CaroCTatton 

Cameron Xavier Moore 

'Reatfiern Cora^eCCJ-fugfies 

Heatfiern Cora6eCC J-Cugfies was a member of Ararat 
Missionary 'Baptist Churcfifor more tfian 70 years, 
Sfie has been a Sunday ScfiooCleacfier, a member of 
"The Senior Cboir, J-fome Mission, The Trogram 
Committee and the Janitor, She was aCways wiCCing to 
heCp in anything she was abCe to do, CorabeCCwas a 
Coving j)erson who enjoyed heCping everyone. She 
Coved to cook for the Sunday SchooC Conventions and 
the Church ^Association, She was a great Cady, 

"Tfie "Bowman JamiCy 

Mary Jarvis 

IVe the members 
of JArarat 
"Baptist Cfiurcfi 
wouCcCCike to 
thank Sister 
Mary for her 

dedication to 
JArarat Church. 
She has been a 
faithfuC member 
for many years, 
and has a strong 
christian faith. 

Thank you 
again & May 
Qod continue to 
BCess you. 


Marie JoHnson John T). Tfiornpson 

T'fie Johnson JamiCy 

"XatfiCeen MiCCs famous Ice Tea" 

*24 famiCy T la Bags * 2 Cans frozen Lemonade 
*3 smaCCcans of TineappCe Juice *3 QaCCons l¥ater 
*8 Cups Sugar 

• TCace 24famiCy tea Bags in one gaCCon of BoiCing water 

• 'BoiCfor 10 minutes . 

• JAcCcC2 cans of frozen Lemonade strained 

• 3 Cans of TineappCe Juice 

• 'BoiCtea Bags again in cCean 4 cups of water 

• Strain tea Bags again 

• JAddS cups of sugar wfiiCe tea is fiot 

• 'Tfien add 2 gaCCons of coCd water 

£isa HawCey Hay 

Cora "BeCCe J-Cugfies 

Ivey & Heatfiern (gCover 

Cora 'BeCCe ^ugfies 

Heatfiern QCover J^ora Jrancis CCark 

CongratuCations Ararat M. "Baptist Church on your 

looth ^Anniversary 
In Memory of Lee Hoy & yirginia 'Bowman 

you surrouncCecC me wUfi unconcCitionaC Cove and instiCCecC in me tke vaCue of 
Christian ))rincipCes.,.it has made ad the difference. 
Love, "Bonnie Bowman Moorman 

you were the Best christian roCe modeCs I ever had and (god has BCessedme 
tofodow in your footsteps. 
I Love you Both, jloy J. Bowman 

Thanks for Being the ''wind Beneath my wings". 
Love, J^ancy Bowman IVidiams 

Trover Bs 22:6 says "Train up a chddin the way he shouCdgo, and when he is 
oCdhe widnot depart from it." I thank Qodfor a sound foundation 
estaBCished By my parents and Jkrarat Baptist Church. 
Susan Bowman J-Cunt 


"Tfie "TfiOTYipson J^amiCy 

Charlie Thompson 

Nora Thompson 

Tiosa 'TfLompson Vyson 

'Dorotfiy Ceasar ZigCar 

Tisfia 'BeCCe (green 

Margaret liacCcCiff 

Ararat Church 

yVritten 6y : 
M CCCoucC 


J\.rarat Missionary 'Baptist Cfiurcfi 

'tfie Cfiurcfi as I can rememBer, ancCsome stories tfiat my 
motfier , Mrs. 'Vinnie 'Bowman toCcCus as cfiifdCren gro^s/ing up in 
Mt. JAiry, J^. C Surry County, a smaCC geograjjfiicaC area caCCecC 
Ararat. 'Tfie cfiurcfi y^as our BCessing, our strength, our vigor, our 
need, and our cup tfiat ran over. 'We were fappy peopCe. Sunday's 
were cfurcf-day, a day offeCCowsfiip witf Qods peopCe. 

My motfier served tfie cfiurcfi in many ways: Sunday ScfooC 
Teacfer, 'Deaconess, Treasurer for tfe J-Come Mission, andotfier 
duties oftfe cfiurcfi. My father served on tfie 'Deacon Board for 
many years. My UncCe y/aCter, was aCso on tfie Deacon Board 3-fe 
was tfie Superintendent of tfie Sunday ScfiooC. J-fe was fiigfiCy 
respected in tfie community. Many yeas Cater after fiis deatfi, fiis 
son Lee 'Roy carried on tfie missions of tfie cfiurcfi, as Chairman of 
the Deacon Board 

Ararat Missionary Baptist Church was organized in the 
earCy nineteen hundreds, "the church was Cocatedat OCdJArarat, on 
the cemetery grounds. Two Carge cedar trees stood on each side. T^he 
huiCding was made of weatherhoards, Carge pCanks that couCd cover 


a Carge area for a one-roam cfiurcfi. 'tfie seats were woocC Bencfies. 
'TFiis cfiurcfi was sucCdenfy destroy ecC By fire. Tfie memBers ancC 
j^astor taCkecC over tfie situation witB meetings at tfie ficrme of same 
memBers. Mr. SoComon CCoucCwfo facCCots of CancQ soCcCto tfie 
cfiurcfi an acre of Bis CancC J4. new cBurcB was BuiCt. TBis CancCwas 
cCose to tBe scBooCj>rojperty. TBe cBurcB ancC scBooC sBarecC a 
common BoncC Mr. CCoucC ancCson Tmest instaCCecC the cBurcB BeCC. 
Mr. CCoucCwas a very strong jiiCCcnv of Ararat 'B. CBurcB. Some of 
tBe j)eoj?Ce wBo CivecCat tBat time were devout _pioneers, Qod 
fearing, profound in tBeir faitB. Meetings were BefdwitB many 
prayers said, for jpCans made, on Bow tBey wouCdpay for tBis 
cBurcB. TBe memBers didmucB of tBe work. TBey used tBeir skiCCs 
andjprayers to compCete tBeir cBurcB BuiCding. TBe CCoudfarniCy, 
tBe JoBnson famiCy, tBe 'BudVysonfamiCy, tBe 'Bowman famiCy, tBe 
SatterfieCdfamiCy, tBe TBompsorifamiCy, tBe QaCCoway famiCy tBe 
Hev. y/iCCiam Martin famiCy , tBe Davis famiCy , tBe JuCton famiCy, 
and tBe CCark famiCy . TBese dear peopCe worked togetBer, struggCed 
togetBer, to keep tBeir cBurcB aCive andweCC TBis was not an easy 
task: times were Bard TBe Cocation of tBe scBooCwas a BCessing, in 
many ways, witB tBe parents andteacBers meeting and tBe 


invitations to come to tfie new cfturcfi on Sunday worsdip was a 
must. Tfie teacHers were essentiaCfor tfie cfturcfi and to tfie 
community, 'the scfiooCwas a smaCC ruraC BuiCdvng -consisting of 
four rooms, tfiere were four teacfiers, incCuding the principaC 
tfie cfiurch tfie teacfiers brought hope and joy, with their taCents in 
music, heaCth care, training and a Better way of Cife. Those teachers 
from out oftcnvn, Civedwith the famiCies. Some fact ahout the earCy 
^American 'BCack Church, incCuding JKrarat, was that it usuaCCy 
consisted of one fair Cy Carge room, with a smaCC area to the side or 
Back of the church for the pastor to enter the puCpit, sometime 
there was no such at aCi This was certainCy the way the new 
Jlrarat "Baptist Church was BuiCt in the mid- twenties. S\.rarat was 
a product of the yadkin ^aCfJey ^Association . The annuaC 
conventions were the most important activity, or high-Cight of the 
church, and stiff is today. JArarat 2. Church had strong and 
powerfuf feadership in the earfy days of the church. The 
memBership performed we ff together, with fove, and concern for 
each other. They were not easify defeated, they kept reaching for 
higher ground (god heard their prayers and cry's, peopfe came 


from aCCaver tfie are (BCack ancCwfiite) to fiear tRis great man of 
QocC, He-v. Jofm Tarson. 

He-v. Tarson came to Ararat 2. C. witfi 'Re-v. CarCton aCso a 
■womdCerfuC speaker, frorm TayCorsviCCe, J^. C. tfiey came to worsfiip 
eacfi tdircC Sunday ofeacH montfi. It was not Cong, may Be a year or 
so, tfiat Ilev. CarCton was caCCecC to preacfi at a cfiurcfi in JonesviCCe, 
MC Ceaving Hev. Tarson to carry on at J^rarat T. Cfiurcfi. TruCy 
tfiis man, was a man of QocC, sent By QocC. 3-Ce spoke tfie worcCfrom 
his heart. 3-Ce CavecCtRe peopCe and especiaCCy the chiCdren. To this 
day those same chiCdren, now aduCts adore him and his Cegacy. It 
was customary that Tev. Tarson spend the night with some the 
church famiCy, they were notified of this at the church meeting, 
Before the third Sunday service, y/e were so happy when it was our 
time to have him in our home. J-Ce wouCdtaCk and demonstrate the 
facts that he knew the Master. Our famiCy feCt the worth of this 
man and praised Qod for his pastor-ship. 'The church was the Best 
thing ever for us in those days, and stiCC is. yVe Cooked forks' ard to 
our Sundays at church. It was Sunday schooC at nine O'cCock, 
eCeven O'cCock services, aCways 'B.y.T.lL. there was the mid-week 


service, y/edhescfay nigfit prayer service, Tfie cfiurcfi was ancCis 
today a great institution of [earning to serve Botfi QocCand'man. 

It was not pojDuCar to 6e uncfiurcfied, you were and^ outsider 
in tfiose days. I was tdirteen wfien I came to know Cfiristfor 
myseCf. I stiCC am profoundly wanting to know more aBout dim and 
fiis work cm eartfi. JACCoffie young peopCe came to tfie mourners 
Bench, during the revivaCs at cfiurcfi to Be prayed for and taCked 
too By tBe oCder Christians. They wouCdstay there with you 
singing, praying, andtaCking untiCyou confessed you sins and . 
wanted to Be saved "The church made arrangements for Baptism of 
the new converts. Inhere was a Branch (stream of water) down the 
hid in the Back of the church. 'The men wouCdgo earCy in the 
morning andBuiCda pond for the new candidates to Be Baptized It 
was a gray wooC Cong dress that I wore, with a white sheet around 
my shouCders and a white toweC around my head ACCofus dressed 
simiCar. Hev. Tarson wouCdwade down in the deep Brownish 
coCored water, and say those famous 'BiBCicaC words, I Baptize you 
my sister, in the name of the father. Son, and the J-foCy (ghost. 
jAmen. I was very excited aBout my new Cife in Christ and the 
church. I stidaml There has aCways Been a great impression of 

Jaitfi at tfie Communion Service, even today. To experience the 
cooC water on your feet, in tfiat Big wfiite Bo-wCtfie water spCasfiing 
over your feet, ancCtde tender fee Cing of Being driedwitft Big wfiite 
toweCs., tucked at the waist of tfie women foCk in doing tfieir 
Cfiristian duty. It deveCojps in a young person certain vaCues tfiat 
stay a Cifetime. Tfie reyivafs came and went witfi mucfi rejoicing 
and gCorifying (god Tfie summers were tfie most reCaxing and 
jpCeasuraBCe. Tfie picnics we Bad in 'Burr efC Smith's ^oods. 'Everyone 
Brought food and Cemonade, there was aCways the Base Bad games 
and the greasy poCe with five- doCCars at the top. 

Mama and papa were aCways so jjroud of us, when we tried 
to do things and they expressed their feefing to us that to this day 
it has kept is in the church feCCcnv ship, gods peopCe. Our father's 
mother, grandma TauCine was a TresByterian, yet when she had he 
opportunity to visit our church which is Baptist , she praised Qod 
with her song, (gCory, (gCory, J-faCCeCujah, since I [aid my Burdens 
down. She wouCdwaCk down the isCe swinging her hands and arms 
praising (god In those days the Spfirit was viBrant, and it ready 
ran from Breast to Breast. If we Became restCess as smaCC chiCdren, 
our father wouCd come aver and give us a thump o the head, and 

give us tfiat Cook, -w knew to keep quite, y/fiat do you young-ons 
Rave to taCk so mucfi aBout, fie say tfiis to us wHen we got Rome. 
Mama saicC, Mr. 'WiCCiam Martin was s Routing near tRejJuCpit 
wRere sRe RacCCaicCme down, as a very smaCC RaBy, Re stepped on 
my Rand, I screamed to tRe top oftRe roof, 'Bro. Martin kept on 
s Routing (SmiCes). y/e Rave a future Cook now, tRe smaCC cRiCdren 
are now in tReir teens and tRe cRurcR is growing witR young 
peopCe. Our cRurcR was fuCC of action, new ideas are Being formed, 
programs, jpeoipCe working togetRer, music, new songs andp>iano . 

'tRe cRurcR was fuCCf Traising (god J\t tRe sp?eciaCj>rograms 
our MotRer and Mrs. MaCCie SatterfieCdwere tRe Best duets to sing 
in our cRurcR. 'TReir Best and favorites were. In My JatRers 
3-Couse, In tRe Qarden , andHock ofJAges. Hock of JAges was done in 
pantomime By mama as Mrs. MaCCie sang. ^Ve wouCd cRoke up and 
some wouCd cry. .At CRristmas time tRe tree was BeautifuC It was 
aCways a Cive tree cut from tRe woods around tRe cRurcR. TRe 
women and cRiCdren witR candy canes, popcorn, riBBons, and 
tinsels did tRe decorations. J\.CCtRe gifts were wrapped and tucked 
aBout tRe tree on tRefCoor. Everyone got a gift. "Brown Bags of 


stripjped stick cancCy, an orange, an apjjCe, nuts, ancC soTnetime a 
Buncfi of dried raisins. IVe sang tfie caroCs andsaidjprayers. Tfie 
cfiiCdren were so fiapjjy and excited. Cftristmas was aCways ajoyfuC 
BCessing for aCC 

Tfie cRurcfi at Taster was anotfier fioj^efuC time for tfiejjeoj)Ce 
at S\rarat 'Baptist Cfiurcfi. JR^y rang tfie cdurcfi 6eCCfor tfie 
Sunrise Tray er Service, and if we stood on our side porcfi we couCd 
see tfie peojpCe waCking tfirougfi tfie woods to tfie cfiurcfi. Tfiat 
meant we must flurry and not 6e Cate. Sunrise was at five t flirty in 
tfie mornings, y^itfl sCeepy eyes and empty stomacfis we easedin 
unnoticed and Cifted our voices in song, "^e Is Hisen". 

Ms. (geraCdine Jones came to our scflooCto teacfi tfie fourtfi 
andfiftpL grades. Sfle was very young Cike nineteen or twenty years 
of age. Sfle Civedwitfl fier parents in downtown Mt. JAiry, Botfl of 
fier parents were in tfie scfiooC system. 3{erfatfler was a principaC, 
fier motfier a cCassroom teacfler in tfie downtown eCementary 
scFiooC Miss Jones was an exceCCent teacfler. Sfle Brougfit to tfie 
scfiooCVaCmars writing success. Music, Drama to tfie stage, 
domestics in cooking and sewing, sfie p (dyed tfie organ at our 
cfiurcfi airways wiCCing to Be apart of tfie cfiurcfi Cife, as ad tfie 


teacRers -were. Miss Jones j? Cay e(£ the jfiano at s c Flo o C ancC taught 
music Cessans. Our church By this time ha(£_purchasecC a nice organ, 
it souncCecC so goocC, Miss Laura Johnson, another teacher -who came 
Cater to our school wouCcCcome to our church from time to time 
ancCj^Cay the organ. She CivecCwith Mr. ancCMrs. 'BucC'Dyson. I 
CovecC the piano, as kids we use to pretend to he pCaying on the foot 
of the Brass BecCin the oCd Bedroom, that another story. Time passed 
and I started to take piano Cesson from Miss Jones, aCong with a 
schooCmate J\Cma Ceasar. y^e waCkedtwo or more miCes to her 
home for our Cessons. My llncCe y/aCter, then superintendent of the 
Sunday SchooCtoCdme I couCddo my practicing on the church 
organ. I was thirteen and a very proud CittCe girC. My Cessons 
improved rapidCy and I was soon pCaying for the Sunday SchooC 
services. I was so good that my ILncCe y/aCter ask them to give me 
an inspirationaC gift. In my hand they gave me three doCCars. V.ncCe 
y/aCter said so many good things that kept me striving for a Cong 
time, lach Sunday I was there when VncCe y/aCter rang the church 
BeCCfor Sunday schooC I was there on that stooCpeddCing away 
with the sound of y/here 3-Ce Leads Me I y/iCCj^oCCow. Mr. Tmest 
3-Cickman wouCd come in and I wouCdpCay his song "3-Cigher 


ground". 'Wfien anotfier song was needecCl'cCj^Cay "y/dat a friend 
we kaye in Jesus". Tfien Mr. Tmest wouCcC start singing "Standing 
on tfie Tromises". ^e sounded so good, tfien Mr. Tmest wouCdcry 
andmama wouCdsay cfiiCdyou did good, TdsmiCe andfeeCso 

CfiurcR Cife was essentiaCto tfie ddiCy Cife of aCC BCack famiCies, 
andstiCCis today. "Tfie f amides were very cCose in tfiose days, famiCy 
vaCues were stressed By afCaduCts: if a cfiiCd gout out of fiis or fier 
training any famiCy aduCt in tfiat community couCd and did sj)ea£ 
witfi autfiority. famiCy vaCues to make us andkeejp us fiuman. 
Tfiere were no ignoring deep concerns of w fiat is famiCy. 'Witfi tfiese 
Cegacy's if we today dont Ceam from tfiej?ast, we are doomed My 
fatfier saw tfie need tfiat young Boys couCd Be Better young men, so 
fie organized a 'Boy Scout Trogram in tfie cfiurcfi. for many years 
tfie Scouts grew in strength andnumBers. TBeir ^programs and 
activities joined witfi otfier neigBBoring groups on fie Cd trip etc. It 
was after tBe death of my father tBat tBe Boy Scout Trogram 
sCowCy ended in tBe cBurcB. It was tBeir quest tBat tBe cBurcB Be 
kej?t moving on witB time. To commemorate aver our dee_pCy rooted 
jpast in our character and Bis, we are reminded as we Bonor tBe 


struggCes of our peojpCe. J\s we Cook to tfie future tdrougfi our 
cfiiCcCren, we see ourseCves, as otfiers see us. OurfamiCy, our cfiurcfi, 
our scfiooCsy our RigRer institutes of Ceaming, tfie conquest of 
nature, tfie existence of QocQ aCC faicCt He foundations of our y out fi. 
It may souncCfancifuC, the sounds of tfiunder and Cigfiting But it 
was a time yet remembered, with very CittCe cRange. 

'BasicaCCy man is tfie measure of aCCtfiings. Say's tfie great 
Qreek j}fiiCosojpfier. So we give tfianks to our j^arents, grandjparents, 
and great-grandparents, for tfieir faitfi in Qod, and tfie reCigious 
fieritage tfiat continues to f Cow in tfie fives of tfieir cfiifdren, 
grandcfiiCdren, and great- grandcfiifdr en. 

TDear BeCoved oCd J^rarat 'Baptist Cfiurcfi, stiCC stands today. 
J\.midtfie many changes in tfie times and fives of fier peopCe. Sfie 
stands firm and strong Because (god stiCC answers prayers oftfiose 
wonderfuC cfiristians, now sCeeping. ^Ararat Baptist Cfiurcfi fias 
weCcomedin many a Coss souC, fiappy tears for tfiose wfio fiave gone 
to tfieir finaCresting-pCace witfi Qod 

May tfiose prayers of our forefatfiers prevaiC, and may tfiose 
wfio carry on tfie work at JArarat Baptist Cfiurcfi Be a continued 


Beacon Cigfit to save Cost souls. May QocC'BCess ancCTreserve Ararat 
'Bajptist CfiurcfL 

The first 'Baptist Cdurcfi in ^America was foundecCin 1665. 

By: Qertrude TauCina Bowman McCCoucC 
Jourtfi cRiCcCofy^iCCie ancCyinnie Bowman 
Mount JAiry !Nortfi CaroCina 
y/ritten JuCy 14 & 15 1992 


Qary 'Bowman Cry staC Bowman 

(grade Lee 

Ms. Qracie was a very sweet ancC Coving CacCy wfio 
CovecC ^Ararat Missionary "Baptist Cdurcfi. Sfie 
aCways came to visit fier church faraiCy ancC 
memhers of the community when she came hack to 
J^orth CaroCina. She donated the picture of the 
'Xast Sujyper" that hangs in our church. 

Ararat Missionary Baptist Church Senior Choir 

He Senior Choir was started in the 1930"s with 3 or 4 members who wanted to sing. 
Later a few more joined, sometimes walking to choir rehearsal at night. When Alice 
(Muchie) Green Moore was 1 3 years old, she took a few piano lessons and learned to 
play some hymns. She then began to play for the Ararat Missionary Baptist Church 

In the late 1950's sister Alice Moore organized the first youth choir, a group of young 
girls and boys, called the "Little Choir", they sang at various churches in the area. 
They wore white robes with blue or red bows. As time passed, they grew up, some 
moved away and now, the only one from that choir that remains is Lydia Moore. 

In the 1970's and 1980's the choir was mostly young adults. This group consisted of 
Betty Franklin, Matilda Ratcliff, Vema Joyce, Barbara Joyce, Alice Moore, Lydia 
Moore, Edward McDaniel and C. J. Carter. The church prospered from the benefits of 
that choir. That group with the help of most of the church raised money for the 
church, bought their robes, installed carpet in the church and parquet flooring in the 
foyer, bought the fu"st air conditioners, and had major work done in the fellowship 
hall. They also had the back wall and walk paved to the kitchen. Of that group, there 
are 4 remaining members Alice Moore, Lydia Moore, C. J. Carter and Edward 

Ararat Missionary Baptist Church Senior Choir now has 8 members: 

Alice L. Moore Betty Rawley C. J. Carter 

Lydia Moore Jessie Fatten Edward McDaniel 

Faye Carter Freder Joyce 

In Loving 
Memory of 
Sister "BeCCe 
Carter, wfio 
fiacCBeen a 
mem6er of 
"Bajptist Cfiurcfi 
for many 
years. "BeCCe 
had Been a 
Sunday ScHooC 
treasurer, and 
memBer of the 
aduCt choir. 
She wiCCBe 
greatCy missed. 

JArarat Missionary "Baptist Cfiurch llsfier BoarcC 

JArarat Missionary "Baptist Cfiurcfi Trogram Committee 


ytrginia & Lee Hoy 

JsfeCRe fuCton 

Jesse T>,y Lee y^aCter J. 

!Nora J, CCark & TtfieC 'Bowman 

Jesse & 'Beatrice Dyson 

Xaren Tatton 

Jesse Dyson 

"Thomas Jefferson Jofinson 
Loutisha Smitft Jofinson 

Missionary Ladies 

JArarat Missionary Ladies 

JArarat Missionary Ladies 

In Loving Memory of 
Deacon y^eCcCon Joyce 

Sis. Xssie Joyce 

"Barbara Joyce 

'Betty Lou HawCey 

" The end and reward of toil is rest" 

In Loving Honor & Memory of Lydia Jane Green 

Sister Lydia Jane Green was a faithful member 
of Ararat Missionary Baptist Church for many 
years until her health failed. She particularly 
enjoyed belonging to the Missionary Circle. 
She was a well-known citizen of the community 
and loved to visit the sick and shut-in, often 
carrying them items of food they liked. 
She was noted for her cooking skills. 

People sent for her to cure pneumonia, which 
In those days were often fatal if not cured in . 
Nine (9) days. A few of the people she cured 
Of pneumonia were Leonard Penn (son of 
Mr. and Mrs. Reed Penn), Dorothyreen Sawyers 
(daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Neil Sawyers), and 
O'Neal Carter (son of Elder and Mrs. Gossie 
Carter). Her daughter and granddaughter are still 
members of Ararat Missionary Baptist Church. 


Humbly submitted by her daujjliter. 
Sister Ahce Ix'e (Muchie) M(X)n.' ;uk1 
Her gi-ruuldaugliter, Sister Lydia M(K)re 

nicoCe, yiosfia, & Jantayza 


Jhomas "3uck" HawCey 

'The TetaCs of a Hose 

Hose Tfiompson was tfte daughter of the Cate Char he ancCJ^ora M, 
Thompson. She marriecC Sherman Vyson and had 5 chiCdren, ToCCy 
Shuff "Rosemary Qreen, 3^ora J, CCarky (deceased) and twin sons, 
Sherman and Jesse Dyson (deceased), Hose was a faithfuC memher 
ofJArarat Church, and the Missionary CircCe, She was a devoted 
mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. She was a great 
cook, and Coved to crotchet, and sew. Hose was a domestic worker 
in private homes untiC her empCoyment at Henfro J-fosiery Corp. 
where she worked for 32 years. Hose Civedwith her daughter 
Hosemary and son-in-Caw ^ViCCiam, there wiCC never be another 
Hose [ike our mother ''Hose Dyson" 
Submitted 0y her daughters 

Cfiris Jerguson 

J'fie Jerguson JamiCy 

Jim Jerguson 

KoBert Jerguson 

Lydia Jane Qreene & JamiCy 

LycCia & J^[ice L. 


Marsfi "Bowman 

Xva Term 

yVe the members 
of ^Ararat 
Baptist Cfiurcfi 
wouCcCCike to 
tfiank sister Tva 
Bowman for her 
dedication to 
Jkrarat Cfiurcfi, 
"Eva Has a wiCCness 
to fiefp wfiere ever 
sfie couCd, andfias 
a great dedication 
to sing. Sister Tva 
was our song 
Ceader for many 
years, Sfie would 
aCways fiave 
severaf songs 
ready to sing 
during cfiurcfi. 
Sister Iva tfiank 
you for be a great 
cfiristian Ceader, 

J\.Cice Lee Moore 

yVe the members 
of Ararat 
"Baptist Church 
wouCcCCike to 
thank sister 
JK.[ice Lee Moore 
for her 
dedication in 
providing the 
music for the 
church for over 
''so " years, 
"thank you for 
ad you do for 
J\rarat Church. 
May Qod 
continue to BCess 

Marie 'RawCey 

yje the members 
of Ararat 
'Baj^tist Cfiurcfi 
wouCcCCike to 
tfiank you for 
Being a 

exceptionaC Cady. 
She has a great 
Cove for her 
church ancC 
church famiCy. She 
has been 

attending Ararat 
aCCof her Cife. 
yvhen the church 
doors are oj)ened 
you can find sister 
Marie giving 
praise to the Lord 

May god continue 
to hCess you 

TfiOTYipson MiCCs 

yVe the members 
of ^Ararat 
"Baptist Cfiurcfi 
wouCcCCike to 
tfiank sister 
Tfiomj)son MiCCs 
for Being the 
Secretary for 
the Sunday 
SchooCfor over 
''60'' years. May 
(gocC continue to 
BCess you 

Mrs. 'Nettie Davis 'Barnes was horn in Surry County on april 
12, 1S92, to JAnnie CCayton and MiCus ^rafiam. She departed this ///? 
1-7-78 in iNorth M'ilkeshoro M C. She mar ried Thomas 'Darts, from this 
union there were 1 step-son Claymon and 10 children, 'Bertha, 'Mary, Joe, 
Sadie, 'Rosie, 'Ed, 'Jred, JAnn, iKaClie, and Matter Thomas. She also raised 
6 grandchildren, James, Terry, 'Rayland, Marcia .'Ann, 'Bam, and :Nettie. 
In 1969 she married "Rev. TCijan J-C. Barnes. She was a faithful memeber 
of Ararat Missionary 'Baptist Church, The Mission Circle and a Sunday 

Schoof 'Teacher. She loved the Lord with all her heart and soul. iHer 
favorite son^ was "JAt the Cross". She Coved to cook and loved ^]arden nu]. 

During \Vorld ^Var 11 "Miss IKet" alon^] with other ladies made 
quilts for the 'Red Cross and for any needy family during] that time. 

34er favorite saying "'Be Cjoocf 'To 'Everyone" 

Suhmitted^ hy the family 

Tssie SatterfieCcC 

Jb tfie Mother's 
of t fie Cdurcfi 

yVe tfie memBers 
"Baptist Cfiurcfi 
wouCcCCike to 
"tfiank you'' for 
Being tfie kind 
Coving Cady tfiat 
you are. you 
fiave a great 
Cove for our 
church and the 
church famiCy. 

''BCess you\ 

Xmma J, Sawyers J^eaC Sawyers 

Xmma JuCton Sawyers was a fait fifuC member of JSxarat 
Cfiurcfi & served on the Missionary "Board 

JsfeaC Sawyers married Tmma JuCton and they had four 
chiCdren, [After Tmma died he Cater married Cora 
Sawyers and they hadio chiCdrem Mr, Sawyers was a 
farmer and his speciaCity was grafting trees. 

LiCCie T. S\Cexander 

TdzabetPi T. iHolmes 

Curtis T. Thompson 

'Betty franklin 


7'iffaniey Xricay Xeisfia, JAntHony & MicdaeC 

John T>. Jhompson 

CfiurcH Ticnic 

Ararat Missionary 'Baptist Cfiurcfi Troject Committee 

JArarat Missionary Baj^tist Cfiurcfi Officers 

S\rarat Missionary "Baptist Cfiurcfi 

Sunday ScHooC 

This Sunday ScfioooC CCass 
was tang fit 0y yeCma ''"BeCCe" Qreen Carter, J-Cer students 
were JACice L, (green Moore, Voretfia CCark, Lucy 'RawCey, 
andhaCCie Davis, yVe don't know tHe name of one of t fie 


JArarat Missionary "Bapist Cfmrcfi T>eacon "Board 

Ararat M. "Baptist Cfiurcfi Tastor & Deacons 

^Ararat Missionary Baptist Cfiurcfi Mission CircCe 

Ladies of JArarat Missionary 'Baptist Cfiurcfi 

IVaCter 'Bowman's Sunday ScfiooC CCass 

^Ararat's Senior Members 

Marie Johnson, 

CCint Carter Sr, 

& Odessa Joyce 

JArarat "s Senior Members 
S^rneCCe "Tfionvpson, Tssie Joyce, Mary Jarvis & XatftCeen MiCCs 

JArarafs Senior MemBers 

Tva 'Bowman 

Ararat Missionary "Baptist Cfmrcfi Tastor's McC Committee 

JArarat Missionary baptist Churcfi 

To; ^Ararat Missionary 'Baptist Cfiurcfi famiCy 

yVe the Trogram Committee wouCcC Cike to thank everyone 
who took time out of their husy schecCuCe tofincCj)ictures, 
to write down information ah out their f amides and for 
their different ideas, "This hook couCdnot have heen 
j)ossihCe if everyone had not contrihuted..,. May (god 
continue to hCess ^Ararat Missionary Baptist Church, 


'The Trogram Committee 
"Edward McTtanieC - - 

T>ehorah Bowman 
Jesse Tatton 
Christy Joyce 

MB4Y1B "«jl51 t 

01/30/07 45171 " ^